Portraits, process and documentation


The first two weeks at school consisted of drawing portraits of a model half the day, and the second half drawing self portraits.

maurice maurice

I mentioned the oil pastels in my first post (with the self portrait), and that it was instructive to something I’m not that comfortable with. For example, the first self potrait down on the left side, turned out to be my favourite.I think it has something extra. And maybe it captures a part of me that I’m not so much familiar with? I used 10 minutes on it and with the oil pastels you can’t make any corrections. So in the future, I’m going to continue doing things, once in a while, that I don’t like, because it might turn out more interesting.

This weeks course at school was photography, emphasizing documentation of art work. I have leared more about using a camera in general, and the tricks to get good documentation. Really useful!

Looking back

Looking back at some of my published illustrations made for the magazines Socius and PUTSJ.

These days I’m working on illustrations for Sosiolognytt. It might be interesting to look back and compare old and new illustrations later on, to see if there is any visible development. And maybe it will help me a step further towards finding my way in the “illustration universe”

Paper, light and shadow

IMG_7444_1 IMG_7451_1 IMG_7458

Here are a couple of pictures showing my work done during the installation course (spring 2013) at school.

My idea was to light the paper cut motif from behind so it would throw a shadow on the wall. It didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted with the shadow. I tried to make it a clear and focused. The reason it became blurry was because of the type of lamp that was used, but there was no time to find another solution. Still, afterwards I think it’s good that it turned out like this.

When I worked with the Little Red Cap installation, there was time to experiment more with lights and shadows. Still I failed! 😛 Though I tried really hard, I didn’t find a lamp that I could use the way I intenden when I developed the idea. The original idea was to throw a “Big Wolf”-shadow over the whole paper tree.

But…I did learn something about how these things work. Yay!

Little Red Cap

Papirtre framside Papirtre bakside  Papirtre kollasj

This is the installation I made for the summer exhibit 2013 at Einar Granum. It mainly consists of motifs cut out in paper, which are illustrations of Little Red Cap by the Brothers Grimm. The paper (the story) grows out of the book and up the glass wall, creating a small fantasy world.

This was my second time working with paper cutting, and it’s something I would like to do more. And of course it was good motivation getting a student award for my work! 🙂

I was inspired to try out paper cutting art because I discovered the Danish artist, Karen Bit Vejle, by coincidence. She has amazing paper cut art!  http://papercutart.no/

Self portrait

img030 img029copy

During the past two weeks we have been working with portrait and self portrait at school. It was a good course to start the school year, warming up eyes and hand. We had a lot of liberty to work with our own barriers in drawing. And I learned that doing something you’re not comfortable with might give interesting results. For me that was using oil pastels this time.

These two pictures were the last ones I made. There were no restrictions for this task, except that we had to use A5 size paper. I guess the style in the right drawing is both typical me and at the same time something new, and it was challenging to use the right colours in the right areas. Fun though!

By the way, there’s an exhibition with all the drawings we made during the course, this Thursday at Galleri Vekta 😉