Here are my first contributions for Sosiolognytt. This is also my first time making the front page, which you can see here:

Forside Sosiolognytt
Illustration 2 and 3 belongs to one article, and illustration 4 to another, both written by Vilde Blix Huseby. The inside of the magazine is not printed in full colour, so the pictures below will appear in a sort of red/black/white in the magazine, but here you’ll get to see how I made them 🙂

Process: First drawing with pen. Afterwards scanned and coloured in Photoshop.

My starting-point for making these illustrations were using the metaphor “toothless”, an assertion that the new generation of sociologists are lacking teeth.

Illustration 2 Tenner gone wild på Blindern

Teeths are loose at the university, but who do they belong to?

Illustration 3

These sceletons represent the three participants of the debate mentioned in the text. Each of them also represent different generations in the academic/sociological field, and the younger the generation, the less teeth you get, apparently.


Illustration 4



Lately I’ve been working on some illustrations for Sosiolognytt. Here is a sneak peek of one. Right now I want to share the process making it, because I did something I hadn’t done before (stage 3 and 4)

There were five stages in the process.


Stage 1: Reading the text, brainstorming, sketching and so on. The text, written by my good friend Vilde Blix Huseby, was a comment towards the criticism the new generation of Sociologists have gotten lately for not having enough guts when it comes to challenging their discipline.

Stage 2: Drawing with pen on paper – a mouth and an eye, expressing doubt and fear etc. Then these were scanned.


Stage 3: Photoshop. Pasted both drawings into one picture. Then I painted roughly, kind of making it look like a dissolving face, which worked with the text. The colours around weren’t ment to look like hair from the start, but that’s how it turned out in the end. Maybe it looks a bit like me? Must be all the self portraits lately 😛 Afterwards I printed the picture (on epson matte photopaper).

Stage 4: Then! I started drawing on top of the printed picture with a liner. Doing my small “snirkelsnurkler”. Scanned again.


Stage 5: Photoshop finish, adjusting colours and contrast, because scanning never gets things exactly right. Finito!