To be, or not to be finished

Sometimes it’s very difficult to know when something is finished, and to stop before you do too much.

I’ve been working on an illustration task for an application to a school. The task is to illustrate your room.

The plan was to have text drawn on the roots, but now I feel that I shouldn’t, because it won’t look good. Still, I want to use the text  too. I guess I’ll scan it as it is, and try apply the text digitally, to see if it works. Don’t want to ruin it.






Coffee Time

Result from the illustration workshop this past week. Chose the watercoloured version.

The text is written for and printed in Magasinet (Dagbladet), and our teacher at the illustration course was the one who illustrated it, so he gave it to us as an assignment.  In short, it’s about coffee trends.

IPad workshop

My room at night The Cave You fucking apple National Gallery


Last week:

Ipad workshop at school. We got introduced to drawing programmes such as Brushes, Art Rage and Procreation, and also Bamboo Paper. Bamboo Paper works nice as a sketchbook, and I liked Procreation for more advanced drawing (even though I haven’t reached the advanced part).

The first picture is part of my room. We were given the task to draw/”paint” in the dark to capture light an shadow, which you can’t do in the same way when painting on a canvas(or similar), because you need light.  The second picture is a sketch for an idea I’m working on for my application to art schools.

All in all i think Ipad seems like a fine tool for an artist. When I’m rich I’ll buy one! Probably I’ll buy an Ipad before I’ll buy a smartphone.